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Online Program for
Los Angeles Library

Very excited to post this for all of you. It was my first time on a Youtube Live format, I hope you’ll forgive my nerves at the beginning! 

Click here to get the handouts you’ll need for the program.


Debby Reelitz is an experienced calligrapher with over 20 years as a professional lettering artist. Throughout the calligraphy sections, you’ll find an array of works from simple to complex, architectural to ephemeral, elegant to playful. Enjoy!


Engraving services are available for brand activations, retail events, on-site calligraphy or engraving and weddings throughout the Northeast and beyond. Debby has extensive teaching and public speaking experience and is looking forward to representing your product or personalizing a gift and making it unique!


Fun Organic Shirts, which emerged out of Debby’s studio, has a great line of hemp and organic cotton or bamboo shirts. With fun phrases like, “Whoever Smiles Wins” and “Powered by Kale”.

A selection of calligraphic prints, ornaments and originals are available at her Etsy shop, dreelitz


Over 15 years ago, Debby started teaching calligraphy at the West Hartford Art League and hasn’t stopped teaching since. Her passion for keeping this beautiful art form alive fuels her efforts to develop teaching methods that make this challenging art form accessible to more people, both youth and adult.