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This project all started with the idea of just one tall bookcase to highlight the wonderful phrase "Standing on the shoulders of giants." I always felt that phrase so beautifully captures the gift we get from books all the learning that is passed down in them.

And as with so many projects, this one evolved when a friend pointed out that the room would be lopsided with such a large bookcase on one side and nothing on the other.

Fortunately, I have a wonderful husband and neighbor who have the skills and equipment to make these ideas a reality!

This is where it started, my lettering that is only an eighth of the final size:
Original calligraphy for bookcase

Here's Moore's Sawmill in Bloomfield where they cut the wood we needed:
Moore's Sawmill pic

From left to right: taking over Chris' workshop to let the wood cure; cutting it down to size; preparing to carve the letters with Chris Nickerson of Onset signs.
Wood DryingCutting the wood to sizeCarving the Letters


From left to right: Metal shelves with sharp edges that need to be ground down; Chris sanding the letters; Debby gilding the letters with 23K gold leaf that I bought when gold wasn't nearly so expensive!
Metal ShelvesSanding the lettersGilding the letters

We used the smaller bookcase to figure out how to put up the shelf before we put up the big dog!
Installing Love Be Loved

Love Be Loved Bookcase

Now, for round 2!
Chris sanding the big dog.
Chris sanding giants

L to R: Gilding; Chris kept making me carry the heavy end!
GildingCarrying Giants

Shelves InUp it goes! Take 2

Take 2! Had to go up in other direction. Since all adult hands were on the shelf, these pics are compliments of our 3-year old :-)
Up it goes!

Jacking up the shelves; peeling off the vinyl!
Jacking it into placePeeling Vinyl

Little guy bolting it in