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2013 limited edition holiday ornament


Precious Gift Ornament 2013

Precious Gift has many inspirations. One of which is my effort this year to express gratitude more often—especially when I get frustrated or annoyed. Since I haven’t yet eliminated the complaint this is usually how it goes for me, “Ugh, these bugs are driving me crazy,” but then gets followed up with, “Thank you for the bugs which feed the beautiful birds in our yards and the forests.” The variations are endless and sometimes the enormity of all that is would simply lead to, “Thank You,” deep from within--knowing full well that my words cannot express the power of this amazing life force that I call Love.

My hope is that the image of the ferns, which have been on earth far longer than humans, somehow captures the enormity of this creation and how our human presence is both earth changing and insignificant all at once.

Click here to see the full text of the prayer.

Please note: Each ornament will be a little different
depending upon the fern design on the background paper.

This is a limited edition, hand assembled ornament! It includes a silk screen print of my lettering, acid free materials & is made out of at least 70% repurposed materials

Price is $16.50 each. Includes gift box.
Shipping is $2.95 regardless of quantity ordered.
Connecticut residents need to add 6% sales tax.  
To order:
just give me a jingle at: 860-413-9041
Master Card and Visa accepted
PS I do also have previous years ornaments available.

If you’d like to view the ornaments first hand, or want to get other calligraphic gifts-- come visit the studio. Simply call the above number for an appointment. Or Click here for times & galleries where work will be on display.