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addressing envelopes

When it comes to selecting a calligrapher for your special event, I tell my clients that, as with anything crafted by hand, be sure to see samples of the work. Understandably there will be a large range in quality, style and cost and it is important to see the work in order to select lettering that will be consistent with the look you are presenting.

What is fun for me in addressing the envelopes is that my calligraphy is usually the very first thing your guests see for your special event. It sets the tone letting your guests know something special is inside the envelope. Plus, I also believe a hand-lettered envelope conveys the message they are treasured and worth the extra effort and attention.

A professional lettering artist since 1998, I am committed to making your event special through excellent customer service and beautiful lettering. For instance, I choose to work with gouache (opaque watercolors) even in my invitation work despite the additional expense and effort because of its many benefits.   Using gouache instead of ink reduces the risk of bleeding into the paper, creates crisper thicks and thins which is the hallmark of beautiful lettering and adds a richness to the envelope as the lettering raises off the paper ever so slightly rather than sinking into the paper as many inks do.   In addition, gouache allows me to mix colors and match the ink you have chosen.

The Classic styles
$4.50 for each outer envelope
$1.00 for the inner envelope
$2.00 per placecard or escort card
Instead of placecards, I can also create a scroll that lists all your guests names and their table. The base fee of $60 covers the paper and additional work to lay out the spacing and letter the title. From there, it is $2.00 per name.

Fun-n-Funky or Custom styles start at $4.75 for each outer envelope, $1.25 if there's an inner envelope. Placecards begin at $2.25 each.

There is no additional fee for custom colors or metallic inks.

Table Numbers
When the paper is provided, it is:
$1 per card when the number is written as a number
$3 per card when the number is written out or there are names for the tables instead of numbers