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This experiment was launched on 12 January 2006 in the newsletter to my email subscribers. It can be started at any time. Have fun!


Here it is finally! This is for all of us!  
Some background: The concept of dreams has been very strong for me the past twelve months.  Not dreams in the sense of what happens when I’m sleeping.  The dreams of what I want for my life. I believe its part of the human experience to find a balance with being content with where and who we are and to still hunger for growth and learning and new experiences.  I find that tension keeps things interesting!
I also find over and over in my own life and with others, that I have places where I don’t think a dream is possible.  Places where I have written it off as impractical or just too difficult to achieve.  For a while I was a grassroots organizer for a peace organization and I often heard deep-rooted skepticism that peace was possible.  And that raises for me a chicken-egg question.  Do we not have peace because we don’t think it is possible? Could we create peace if we start to believe it is possible?
So I am inviting you to join me in an experiment!  This is an experiment where we explore the power of intention.  What happens if we stop saying “I can’t build my dream house because _______” (money, time, land, skills, etc) and start saying, “I can build my dream house.” You don’t need to know how any obstacles will get resolved—at this point just change the language around the dream.
So my suggested guidelines for the next 90 days, (that’ll carry us through April 12th):
1)  pick a dream that you have , micro or macro. Mine for the next 90 days is financial. I don’t understand how I can get there at this point, but I want to earn a better living and not have to work like a maniac. Other ideas:

  • improving or healing a relationship with someone (co-worker, boss, loved one)
  • getting the job you want
  • meeting someone special
  • creating world peace
  • experiencing more joy
Size doesn’t matter. What does your heart desire?
2) If you hear yourself saying “I don’t know” or “I don’t have a dream”, let go of that. Ask yourself, “What if I did know?” or “I have a dream, what is it?”  TRUST whatever comes up next. Breathe. Give yourself space, even silence to figure it out.  Still stuck? Before you go to sleep ask yourself what dreams you have, leave it at, that trusting you’ll come up with an answer in your sleep and see what happens in the morning when you ask yourself again “What dreams do I have for my life?”

3) It’s not about someone else changing.

4) It’s not about achieving the dream in the next 90 days.

5) Get specific.
When I was single and dating almost two years ago, I made a list of traits I wanted in a partner and I would say out loud, “I will quickly and easily meet the man of my dreams” and then list off the traits of the kind of person I wanted to be with. My wish included not only what I wanted, but HOW I wanted it to happen.  
For my current dream, this is what I’m aiming for: I want to earn 60 thousand a year doing work that is creatively, emotionally and spiritually rewarding by working 40 hours a week and taking 4 weeks vacation.  

6) Get support.
Let someone else know what you are doing—someone who can get excited for you and encourage you. I almost didn’t write that previous paragraph to all of you.  My fears about what all of you might think came up.  What if they think I’m greedy to want to earn 60K a year?  Will they think I am lazy if I want to limit my work to 40 hours a week? Those critical voices can go on and on for me.  But I want to let go of that judgment and trust that that dream that has been in my head and heart for some time now is the best goal for me, regardless of what others think. So for me, by telling someone else, I can start letting go of my own judgment about my dream and create accountability, even excitement.

7) Make it tangible. Write it down. Place it where you can see it, feel it even. Or pick a symbol like a rock that represents the dream and carry it with you as a reminder.  In the spirit of confession, I’ve even carried a small rock in my bra, close to my heart to remind me!  :-)

8) Put some energy behind it.  Say your goal out loud every day for the next 90 days. When I made my list of traits of what I wanted in a partner, I kept them in a box for five or six months before a girlfriend challenged me to put some energy behind my wish.  So last January, I started saying my wish out loud, often LOUDLY, in the car when I was driving around.  Three months later, I met Chris. I never would have imagined. When I was saying it out loud, I would internally have to quiet the voice that said, ‘You’re crazy—there’s no way…”  And yet, now I’ve experienced that there was a way. Say it to yourself.  Say it to someone else.  Just say it.
Maybe most important of all:
9) Be open. Be flexible. Answers might come in ways you least expect.
There it is!  The 90-day experiment!  I’d love to hear if you take the experiment on, what your dream is and how it goes for you!  
Pax, Courage & Love,
Debby Reelitz
PS A wonderful step to support yourself in going after the dreams in your life is the Pathways Basic Seminar. They are held in New jersey, Chicago and Canada throughout the year.  www.pathwaysseminars.com < http://www.pathwaysseminars.com >
It’s been a phenomenal resource for me in this process we call life!