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about debby reelitz




How does one person grow up a navy brat, moving every two years or so, to being a government major and peace studies concentration at the University of Notre Dame to becoming a calligraphic artist? I am not sure how all the different strands have come together and yet the process of getting to where I am at now has been perfect in all its challenges and joys.

Maybe its simply a testament to being open to the unexpected influences life presents. After all, it was my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Simpson, who introduced me to calligraphy way back when. On top of that add a fascination for words and sayings and that combination has kept that me dabbling in lettering for years.

It wasn't until after college where I took a mere two wonderful semesters of art classes, (fibers arts for that matter even), that Gerry Jackson Kerdok at the Worcester Art Museum introduced me to a whole world of calligraphic art. I had only known Schaeffer cartridge pens and calligraphic markers and she introduced dip nibs, watercolor, painting, beautiful backgrounds and more.

That 12 week experience lead to a year-long study with Reggie Ezell, workshops with many other talented lettering artists, and the development of my own style and approach to letters as expression. All which became fuel for the fire. It's exciting to know I can spend a lifetime exploring this craft, honing my skill, learning new elements and never get bored. The pieces are in place to passionately love and grow as a calligraphic artist.


Blessed with a wonderful husband, stepchildren and a little boy of our own, the journey of life continues to amaze & challenge & provide a continual source for growth & love. Add to that a steady source of artistic inspiration and nourishment which comes from our study group of wonderful calligraphers and artists and the road is ever exciting.