Library Programs

Fairy Tails

Fairy Tale letters with Tails! We will decorate a large versal letter with colored pencils and templates. Designed for the Summer 2021 Library theme of Tales and Tails. Great for youth and adults-no drawing experience required!

Available: Online or In-Person. DETAILS

Modern Calligraphy

A fun, flowing alphabet that can be drawn, or written with a pointed brush or flexible marker, modern calligraphy is all the rage and seen just about everywhere!  With a little guidance, students can learn to write this playful lettering style.

Available: Online or In-Person. DETAILS

Fun with Brush Letters

The Modern Calligraphy program was so well-received as a library program, I have created a follow-up program that will work for both those who attended the original program or are new to the concept. This is especially helpful for a younger audience that does not have as much experience with cursive.

Available Online or In-person. DETAILS

Intro to Calligraphy

This is a hands-on introduction to broad edge calligraphy. Choice of blackletter or uncial for lettering style. Patrons are given inspiration, handouts, and practice in the  90-minute program.

Available: Online or In-Person. DETAILS

Doodle Art

Tails & Tales or Starry Night

Calligraphers use patterns a great deal in the art of illumination. In the doodle programs, we focus on patterns and create an artwork full of texture. Design available for the 2021 Summer Library theme of Tails and Tales.

Available: Online or In-Person. DETAILS

Handwriting Fun

A playful approach to lettering that is perfect for cards, journals, drawings. Participants are taken through a series of steps to encourage experimentation with letters and colors.

Available: Online or In-Person. DETAILS


There is a hunger for beautiful letters. And yes, even among children. There is great satisfaction in being able to write in cursive and this program provides inspiration and instruction on how to letter in cursive.

Available: Online or In-Person

Library program information:
Following is a partial list of Libraries or Institutions Debby has presented for either online or in-person. More than a dozen have hosted Debby more than once:

Los Angeles Libraries
Knights of Columbus Museum
Florence Griswold Museum
Mysticalligraphers Guild
South Windsor Senior Center
New Milford
Derby Neck

Painted Versal

Has been done as an art bar event or library program or fun evening with friends. Two hours allows more time for creating the letter.

Available: In-Person

Art of the Book

A combination of presentation and hands-on activity, Debby will share numerous book projects she has made over her career and then lead particpants in making their own folded book.

Available: In-Person