Handwriting Fun

For a 90-minute program, starting cost is: $175 
Class size: online, up to the library.

An appreciation for the hand-written letter has grown exponentially over the last year. We will explore several ways of creating unique, colorful letterforms by stretching, squeezing, distorting, slanting, and layering all the different parts of a letter. Participants will get to learn what makes a letter and some of the technical terms calligraphers use.

I have created two color handouts for the class. Since some don’t have printing capability, the library may want to make those available for pick up.

Students will need:
*2 handouts (digital files from Debby provided to the library for participants)
*Several sheets of blank paper
*Variety of lettering tools: pencils, colored pencils, gel pens, highlighters, markers

Turn your own handwriting into colorful creations that can be used for cards, journaling, doodling and of course, just for fun!  Step by step, you’ll learn more than 20 techniques to alter your handwriting, add color with a basic set of supplies (no expensive tools needed!) and add decorative elements. Pull out your highlighters, pencils, colored pencils, gel pens, markers, whatever interesting writing/drawing tools you have hiding in your drawers!

I’m happy to answer questions. I’ve thrown out a lot of information!