Online Calligraphy Courses

Classes will be held live on Zoom

With 18 years of teaching experience, I have focused on lettering styles and activities which build a strong understanding of the basic principles of calligraphy. In each of these classes, I’ve broken down the learning process into manageable steps. I hope you’ll join us!

“Debby is an amazing instructor. I love her classes! She is patient, extremely knowledgeable and humble. She works really hard to make sure that her students are confident in whatever creative endeavor they take on. I highly recommend her classes.” JW 2021

Learning Italic Calligraphy

6 evenings: Tuesdays
Jan 17, 24, 31; Feb 7, 14, 21, 2023
7:00 to 9:00 pm EST

This six-week course will introduce the fundamentals of the italic lettering style: branching, pen angle, letter height, capitals, and pen manipulation–all those elements that make Italic the hallmark style of calligraphy. Details

Intro to Calligraphy: Foundational Hand

6 evenings: Thursdays
Jan 26; Feb 2, 9, 1, 23; Mar 2, 2023
7:00 to 9:00 p.m. EST

The course will introduce the fundamentals of the foundational lettering style, writing with a metal nib, an introduction to goauche & more. We will also create a Japanese-style book that highlights the techniques learned in class. Details

Circles, Spirals and Curves: Hands-on activities

5 evenings: Tuesdays
Mar 7, 14, 21, 28; Apr 4, 11
7:00 to 9:00 pm EST

Lettering on a curve is an exciting design component! We will explore tips and tricks to add this special technique in our calligraphy projects. Details

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Layout and Design: Real World Projects
Making Friends with Gouache
Beginning/Intermediate Calligraphy Courses in Uncial, Foundational, Blackletter
Italic Calligraphy
Lettering on a circle, spiral or curve
Illumination: Beginners and Continuing
Modern Calligraphy
Classes for youth
And new ones are always in development!

Comments by Debby’s Students

“Honestly I was a little surprised at how much I was able to learn by just two hours…the class could’ve been 8 hours and I wouldn’t have minded.” Online student, 13 yo

“Super informative & fun experience–even for someone with little “artist”/creative background. So well-organized, well-spaced out, great practical tips!” -DK

“Debby is extremely knowledgeable and patient. She is quick to provide positive feedback. She has a keen eye for figuring out the best way to correct lettering to follow the style being taught.” -AM

“Very good instructor!” -RQ

“Debby, you are a delight to know. Your patience, your energy, your knowledge and experience are amazing. I learned a lot.” -IK

“The course was great! Well-constructed and executed. For such a short time, knowledge of lettering was improved and a great start to this practice. You’re a great teacher and artist. I look forward to the next class and practicing my new hobby!” -MS

“Your enthusiasm is infectious!” -GM

“You are a fine teacher, Debby and have a lovely gift in both your art and your ability to teach, and your kind, generous spirit makes the sessions an extraordinary experience. See you again soon!” -KD

“Thank you – it was a great introduction class – I am very excited about learning more.” -ME

“Thank you so much. You have truly opened my eyes to the artistic aspects of calligraphy. I really appreciate your teaching style.” -JM

“Debby is a well-organized, practiced teacher of calligraphy. She gives clear instructions and helpful tips throughout the course and demonstrates practical and creative uses for her art. She’s enthusiastic but also learned in her craft.” -PS



    What did you like most about the course?

    • “The sequence of learning step by step.” -JL
    • “I felt the pacing was perfect. I also liked the amount of time spent on modeling and then practicing.” -CL
    • “The amazing things you can do with calligraphy. I never knew–also my understanding of how difficult it is–I like how much I have learned in such a short time and it was not overwhelming–very relaxed and comfortable.” -AW
    • “Everything” -GJ
    • “Relaxed atmosphere-great way to forget about stresses. Loved that we end up with a  booklet.” -MK


    Happy to answer: