Writing on Circles and Curves
with Debby Reelitz
Society for Calligraphy
September 11, 2022

For our upcoming workshop you will need handouts and the suggested supplies. I look forward to lettering together with you!

Please print this handout packet at 100% scale:
Handout Packet


  • calligraphy nib or brush for the lettering style/size you have chosen (those using a broad edge lettering style, have several sizes of nibs)
  • guidelines (straight) for the lettering style and size you have chosen
  • writing medium: ink, gouache or watercolor
  • compass
  • calculator
  • paper for lettering (paper with 25% cotton is recommended, ie: a resume paper)
  • pencil  & sharpener
  • scissors
  • tape
  • 2 quotes 9-15 words long (hopefully that will be about 12-18” of text in length)