Making Friends with Gouache

Mondays, January 10, 24, 31; February 7, 14, 2022
5 classes; 7:00 to 9:00 pm EST
Live online course via Zoom

Classes will be recorded and made available to students.
Because of the holiday season, please register as early as possible to ensure arrival of supplies or to acquire them yourself. Can be later, additional shipping charges may apply.

How do I love thee gouache? Let me count the ways!…I’m sure Shakespeare said this!

My go-to medium for calligraphy is gouache. I use gouache for commissions, envelopes, place cards, lettering for reproduction, pointed nib, broad edge nib, crappy paper, fine art paper. I find it superior to most inks in just about every respect: beauty of line, opacity, consistency, flow, longevity, range of color, making corrections, etc. The challenge with gouache is learning to go that extra step of how to mix, load your nibs and write with it.

Over these five classes, we are taking a deep dive into gouache. What is it? Why do calligraphers use it? How do we use gouache with a nib? We will also go through many steps to trouble shoot challenges that come up when using gouache. And of course, we will letter with gouache.

MATERIALS: I feel very strongly that high quality materials are critical to success when learning calligraphy. Calligraphy is a challenging skill to learn and requires patience, persistence and of course, practice. The last thing a person new to calligraphy needs is inferior equipment that impedes the learning curve. That is why I highly recommend using the suggested materials on the supply list below:


To purchase this class and supplies there are three options. If anything is confusing, please call! 860-413-9041:

Class includes packet of handouts (20+ items that I have collected and will be used throughout class, ie: a wide variety of papers and writing surfaces to test)
Class fee of $100; Packet $18, Shipping $10
Total for Basic Class with handouts: $128
To purchase on Etsy Class & Handouts
Student will acquire necessary supplies. Links and resources are available on the Google doc listed above

Class fee $100
To purchase on Etsy Class only
Student will acquire necessary supplies and papers. Links and resources are available on the Google doc listed above

OPTION 3: CLASS & Mixed Supply Packet
If you have some supplies, but need others, copy theĀ order form at the supply link here identify the items you need, email me a copy and payment for both the class and supplies can be sent either through PayPal or Venmo.



Registration is best received at least week in advance to have time to collect and prepare supplies.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Please contact me before registering to determine shipping logistics, cost, timing, etc. Etsy tacks on considerable fees, so we work to avoid those.


The class will be recorded and made available to students.

TIME: Each 2-hour class is a diverse combination of learning about the art of calligraphy, seeing samples, student lettering and creating projects. There will also be a small assignment given after each class to practice the skill that was introduced. This return to lettering later during the week is a great way to create the muscle memory and technical skills that are so important to working with gouache.

Each class also builds on the class before and does not repeat the same information.