I’m humbled and honored to have been invited into people’s lives for twenty-five years as a professional calligrapher. Celebrating significant life events-weddings, friendships, family, births, graduations, professional accomplishments, even life itself is truly a privilege. ┬áThank you to all those that have added my work to their art collections and included me on this journey where words, art and life all collide.

Staying in Touch

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Debby Reelitz
24 silkey road; north granby, connecticut 06060

Hmmmm…just remember, I’m a bit of a dinosaur. After all, I do make my living writing by hand. So I’m often not on the computer and find that a project
moves along more effectively via a phone call.

Custom Work

Creating a calligraphic artwork with words, lyrics, and/or images that are meaningful to you is a wonderful way to honor special ideas, people or events. It is one of the privileges of being a calligrapher.

The process of creating a custom piece involves time to exchange information, allow ideas to develop, execute and if needed, to frame. If possible, please allow 6-10 weeks to complete the project. Another note on timing is a bit of a confession but please give me a deadline even if you don’t have a set one in mind. As part of my life as a calligrapher and self-employed-type, I juggle multiple projects at any one time and sometimes if I don’t have a set deadline a project can slide for too long. So you can support me by clearly setting a reasonable timeframe and making sure we stick with it.

Costs vary dramatically for a project. In general, most projects will be between $200 and $2000. Elaborate pieces will of course be more. For very small projects there is a minimum fee of $40.

To start on a project call me to discuss timing and availability. Please send me the words you want lettered (email, snail mail) prior to our conversation as that is one of the first things I will ask of you. By seeing the actual text I get a true image of what you are discussing–one person’s ‘short’ stanzas is another person’s epic poem.

The other step that is very helpful is guidance on style. Oftentimes by coming to the studio and looking at past projects and artwoks or by reviewing the work in the Calligraphy sections of this website, many people are able to direct me to what they like. Even if you can tell me what you don’t like that can be helpful as well.

Once those preliminaries are in place we can discuss possible layouts and ideas. I often work with people long distance so most of the time this can be done via digital images, sketches, etc. A live meeting here at the studio is very helpful but is not a requirement. Throw in some time and magic in the studio and I’ll have your work complete.

Ah, have pity on my family. Living with a calligrapher can take it’s toll!