Books and Boxes with Pat Faust

Pat Faust and I have been collaborating together for more than 10 years creating custom books, boxes and portfolio for universities, corporations, families and individuals. Pat’s fabulous constructions paired with calligraphy create treasured, intimate keepsakes.

A Collaboration of 5 artists

What I love about art books is the ability to celebrate and enjoy long texts. I love the way a book can be held and slowly savored by oneself or with a loved one. One doesn’t need to stand at the wall looking at a long text that has been framed. Holding a book opens the door to conversation, sharing of stories and reminiscing. ¬†Each page can be unique in its layout offering a surprise with every turn. By slowing down the consumption of the text, the words can be savored and absorbed rather than raced through.

This book was commissioned by a wife for her husband. The poem was written by her husband’s son. The son wrote this poem for his dad and surprised him by reading it at an open mic night during a visit from his dad. The poem is a wonderful mix of love, gratitude, brutal honesty, fond memories and ribbing. The humor and love of the poem allowed us to create a playful design for the book.

Pat Faust and I marbled the book pages. I chose a non-traditional lettering style to capture the joy of the words. Oil painter, Bill Simpson created the painting of New Jersey on the cover. Pat Faust designed and built the clamshell box and bound the book. Selections of the book are shown here.