Keeping this amazing art form alive. Presenting this challenging art form with clarity and enthusiasm so beginners fall in love with letters and those with experience develop advanced skills.

Online Classes

I offer calligraphy classes on all aspects of calligraphy. Come learn a lettering style, layout and design, backgrounds, illumination. Six-week classes. Weekend workshops. Online lessons. Private.

Library Programs

Ideal for libraries, museums, community organizations or schools.  Work with me to create a special program for your group or pick from several presentations that are ready to go. Online or inperson.


Ideal for arts, cultural or calligraphy organizations that want to do more than a mini-introduction. Select from half-day, full-day or weekend workshops or let’s design one specifically for your needs.

Teaching Philosophy

Learning calligraphy is challenging. In a world of instant communication, the patience, practice and persistence needed for handlettering are often underappreciated though highly rewarding life skills.

During the past eighteen years of teaching lettering to all skill levels and ages (from 5 to 85 years old), I’ve developed tools and strategies that make learning calligraphy easier to understand.

In addition to making the concepts of lettering more accessible, I am committed to introducing calligraphy as art. Students use quality tools and materials; and importantly, they create projects, ranging from simple to complex. Practice is critical; however, creating art with calligraphy makes the practice worthwhile.


“Thank you so very much for your terrific triad of programs for the Museum. You were of course the perfect ‘guest artist’ for this exhibition. Thanks for saying ‘yes’ and thanks for being so great at what you do! Hope to do more in the future.”
-David Rau, Florence Griswold Museum
Feedback from a series of three programs I conducted to complement a visiting Smithsonian exhibit on handwritten letters by artists.

“You are a truly, wonderful artist and asset to the community. Thank you for sharing your talent, experience and patience with our local youth.”
-HJ, Library Program Director