Scholarship Program

The events of 2020 were overwhelming for me. What emerged is a strong desire to not just teach but to reach audiences that generally don’t get the opportunity to learn calligraphy. Sometimes the roadblock is financial, sometimes lack of opportunity. This scholarship program is designed to tackle both obstacles. The goal is to improve diversity within the lettering community across race, income and age.

I have built (and continue to build) connections with high school and middle school art teachers in urban communities and communities of color. With teacher support and guidance, since 2020, I have had 24 students participate in a variety of online classes that were offered to the students. Those 24 students received collectively more than 200 hours of instruction. The generous financial support of the lettering community enabled me to provide professional quality supplies to every student and online instruction.

Approximately 70-90% of scholarship donations pay for quality materials used in class. This is a very important component for me. Too often students are given inferior equipment and then we wonder why students give up on art. Quality materials reduce frustration and improve their results!

I’m also thrilled that several students have taken more than one class and thanks to the generosity of the community, any student in the scholarship program is welcome to continue their study in additional programs at no cost.

While scholarship students can start in any of our online programs, each summer we offer an online Calligraphy Camp as an entry into this special art form. 

SUPPORT: If you’d like to support this effort to foster diversity in the calligraphy community and introduce calligraphy to young people, there are three possible ways:
1) help me connect with art teachers in middle and high schools in urban or rural communities
2) help me connect with students of color willing to try the lettering arts (recommended grades 5-college)
3) make a donation

If you are an interested student or teacher, please call or email me. Phone: 860-550-3002

If you’d like to contribute directly to a scholarship, a contribution can be made one of several ways:

  • via PayPal by sending to Debby Reelitz at Simply add a note that says scholarship. The account will come up as Fun Organic Shirts–that is Debby’s account.
  • via check to Debby Reelitz; 24 Silkey Road; North Granby CT
  • if you don’t have a PayPal account, I can email an invoice that will allow you to pay your contribution with credit card. Contact me at or call: 860-550-3002