Yes, there is a hunger among children to learn how to write beautiful letters. During the 90-minutes, I will talk about how cursive is the foundation of my  calligraphy and demonstrate how I write in script. I will give them a basic overview of the fundamentals of cursive and how to write it. Students will be given time to practice and the last portion of class will be used to create a very simple origami envelope with their cursive inside. I have found that young students have remained engaged throughout the 90-minutes with the multiple components that are part of the class.

For a 90-minute program, starting cost is: $175
There is an additional fee if it is recorded. 

Class size:
Online, up to the library.
In-person, 20 participants. Cost for handouts and paper: $10

In-person classes do have an additional travel fee of $0.55 per mile from my studio in North Granby, Connecticut, to the class location and back.

*4 handouts (digital files created by Debby Reelitz)
*sheet of blank 8.5×11” paper.
Optional supplies: gel pens, colored pencils, highlighters, pens. Kids love to practice their cursive in color, these colorful tools can be very motivational!

Come learn cursive handwriting! Cursive is an elegant, beautiful way to write. Calligrapher Debby Reelitz will demonstrate how cursive is the foundation of her copperplate calligraphy and teach how to write it. Students will have time to write in cursive and they will also create a mini project to help inspire them to keep practicing!

I’m happy to answer questions. I’ve thrown out a lot of information!