Fun with Brush Letters Library Program


During the hour and a half program, the focus is on developing control of the lettering tool–the hardest part of the modern calligraphy style! As we move through a series of seven handouts, participants get lots of hands-on guidance and practice as they develop the brush skills. We also go through several techniques to decorate and use their new skills.

This class varies from the Modern Calligraphy program as it presents a lettering style that is not based on cursive, which makes it friendlier for younger participants who might not have much cursive experience. It also does not include the historical information in the Modern Calligraphy workshop, rather more time is spent on developing brush skills.


For a 90-minute program, starting cost is: $175 
There is an additional fee if it is recorded. 

Class size:
Online, up to the library.
In-person, 20 participants. Cost for handouts and paper: $10

In-person classes do have an additional travel fee of $0.55 per mile from my studio in North Granby, Connecticut, to the class location and back.

Students will need:
*Lettering tool
*Several sheets of blank paper

The lettering tool will vary from library to library. This Modern Calligraphy class does require some sort of equipment. Following are the different ways I can teach it, I need guidance as to what format your library wants to do.

1) Flexible marker. Cost between $2-4 per marker. There are diverse brands of flexible brush markers out there–not all of them are good. Here is a source and brand I recommend.
2) Pointed brush. Cost around $8 per brush. For the increase in cost, students have a far more durable and long-lasting tool that allows them greater possibilities. Here is a source and product I recommend:

Let’s create playful letters with the brush! Taught by calligrapher, Debby Reelitz. Lettering with a brush is fun and challenging all at the same time. We will go through a series of activities that make brush lettering easier to learn–and make a card in the process of practicing!

I’m happy to answer questions. I’ve thrown out a lot of information!