Ocean Tails Library Program

For a 60-minute program, starting cost is: $175
A portion of the fee goes to copyright fees for the right to use the images.
Class size: online, up to the library.

In-person class: base fee is the same with an additional travel fee of $0.55 per mile roundtrip from 24 Silkey Road, North Granby to host library. I use Mapquest mileage to determine mileage.

Supplies: If I am providing supplies, there will be a supply fee of $20.

This workshop introduces large fairy tale-like decorated letters that include ocean creatures. The goal of the program is to get participants exploring color combinations, blending and shading with colored pencils. By providing participants with letters and creatures they can trace, they can focus on playing with color rather than fretting the drawing process.

The program starts with a quick chat about decorated letters, some historical samples and the impact they have on design. Prior to the class, students will have chosen and printed out a versal letter outline (black and white) and an animal handout (color if at all possible). Colored pencil techniques will be discussed while participants work on their decorated letter.

Students will need:

Two printed handouts created by Debby:
1) Versal letter of their choice
2) Ocean critter worksheet of their choice
colored pencils
pencil sharpener
drawing paper or regular paper
tape is helpful, not critical

Make your own Ocean Tail letter! Calligrapher, Debby Reelitz, will talk briefly about the tradition of a decorated letter and then guide you on the process of creating your very own fanciful letter wrapped around a critter! No drawing and lettering experience is necessary. Registered participants will select the letter and animal of their choice from a selection of digital files and then with colored pencils, we will trace and color our illuminated letter. Suggested supplies: pencil, eraser, colored pencils, pencil sharpener


I’m happy to answer questions. I’ve thrown out a lot of information!