Intro to Calligraphy

Library Program

with the Parallel Pen

For our upcoming 90-minute library program with calligrapher, Debby Reelitz, you will need handouts and a lettering tool. 

The pdf has 8 pages of lettering examples, guidelines and practice pages. All pages are horizontal formats
These pages must be printed at 100% scale.
Handouts for Blackletter Calligraphy Library Program
Blackletter Calligraphy A-Z handout


Parallel Pen, must be the 6.0 mm size

A good cartridge pen for beginners is the Parallel Pen 6.0 mm size. This is not always available at your local craft store. They can often be found at an art store. Or, the Parallel Pen 6.0 mm can also be purchased through my favorite calligraphy source: